Our world urgently needs Davidson graduates — creative, disciplined, humane leaders with courage, integrity, and intellectual curiosity — to tackle complex questions, lead in the service 
of something larger than themselves, and exert disproportionate impact for good in their communities and around the globe.

Across generations and around the world, Davidson graduates are changing the game in health care, business, and science, and through advocacy, policy, and research. Their ability to innovate, lead, transform, and serve—within a changing global economy and interconnected world—far exceeds the conventional and is founded in and empowered by their Davidson education.

Davidson’s abiding commitment to the liberal arts and our primary purpose grows stronger each day. As we see the urgent need in the world for the disproportionate impact our graduates provide, we have an extraordinary opportunity to continue to offer an unsurpassed educational experience to the most talented students in the world.

Join us in this comprehensive campaign, as we prepare Davidson for another century of what it does best: inspiring leaders to transform the world.


Carol Quillen