We Can Prepare Davidson for the Future

As Davidson continues to lead within a changed environment, “what makes Davidson, Davidson” has never been more important. We must continue to build on Davidson’s gifts to provide, for our time, a liberal arts education that best serves our world. Together, we can reinforce what makes Davidson exceptional by investing in initiatives that prepare Davidson to lead, now and into the future.

Campaign At A Glance

With a tradition of inspiring leaders to transform the world, Davidson is ideally positioned to reimagine the liberal arts for the future, educating leaders with impact for generations to come.
Unrestricted: $21.25M goal, $74M raised *Progress as of June 30, 2019
Infographic: Campaign goals are 50% for scholarships, 40% for Community of Excellence, 5% for Preparing Davidson Students to Lead, and

Campaign Priorities


PRIORITY 1: Keeping the Davidson commitment to educational excellence and access strong


  • Recruit the most talented students from around the world.
  • Enable students with the aptitude to go anywhere to choose Davidson.
  • Strengthen The Davidson Trust and attract the most gifted students.
  • Recruit premier students — athletes, poets, artists, researchers, scholars and student leaders — with the potential to make a difference in community and world.
  • Perpetuate a campus culture that celebrates excellence in many forms.


  • The Davidson Trust: Keeping Davidson excellence accessible to students regardless of their financial means
  • Leadership scholarships: Attracting high-potential students of all interests and abilities
  • Athletic scholarships: Enriching the Davidson community with exceptional scholar-athletes
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PRIORITY 2: Strengthening the Davidson campus to perpetuate a community of excellence


  • Support a dynamic and growing faculty at the top of their fields.
  • Encourage collaborative teaching across disciplines.
  • Create academic facilities that support collaboration and original research/creative work and that nurture a culture of inquiry.
  • Strengthen NCAA Division I athletics programs.


  • Faculty support and research: Professorships, innovation in education and technology, faculty research and development, department funds
  • Student-led research: Davidson Research Initiative, Davidson Research Network
  • Academic Neighborhood: Transdisciplinary support, facility enhancements
  • Arts education and public art: Art acquisition, arts programming
  • Athletics: Team support, facilities enhancements
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PRIORITY 3: Preparing Davidson students to lead and innovate in an evolving world


  • Ensure that every student benefits from an internship or entrepreneurial or research experience.
  • Give every student the opportunity for an international experience.
  • Provide every student with the opportunity for a community-based learning experience.
  • Help every student graduate to a meaningful job, graduate school or fellowship experience.
  • Enable students to become alumni known for impact in their fields and communities.
  • Provide mentoring and career networking opportunities through an expanded alumni and parent network.


  • International Engagement: Study Abroad Scholarship fund, Dean Rusk grants, international programming funds, international group study funds
  • Fellowships and Leadership Initiatives: Davidson Impact Fellows, education scholars, sustainability scholars, community engagement fellows, ethics and leadership fellows
  • Entrepreneurship: Innovation & Design Lab, Entrepreneurship Internships, Venture Fund, Funds for Emerging Opportunities
  • Civic Engagement: Community Engagement Fellows, Bonner Scholars, service learning, social innovation and immersion programs.
  • Career Development: Skills training, career networking, unpaid internship funds
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Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa ’03
Founder and Managing Partner, Hoja Law Group
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Clint Smith ’10
Poet, Educator, Researcher
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Zama Coursen-Neff ’93
Executive Director, Human Rights Watch Children’s Rights Division
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Campaign Committee

  • Ted Baker ’57
  • Honorary Chair
  • Jacksonville, Fla.

  • Alison Hall Mauzé ’84
  • Co-Chair
  • Mill Valley, Calif.

  • John McCartney ’74
  • Co-Chair
  • Chicago, Ill.

  • Carol Quillen
  • President
  • Davidson, N.C.

  • John Chidsey ’83, Chair
  • Board of Trustees
  • Coral Gables, Fla.

  • Carlos Alvarez
  • San Antonio, Texas

  • Vincent Benjamin ’04
  • Jersey City, N.J.

  • Kristin Hills Bradberry ’85
  • Charlotte, N.C.

  • Lowell Bryan ’68
  • Key Largo, Fla.

  • Ed Dobbs ’71
  • Atlanta, Ga.

  • Tom Finke
  • Charlotte, N.C.

  • Jay Harris ’90
  • Davidson, N.C.

  • Mary Beth Harvey
  • New York, N.Y.

  • John Laughlin ’85
  • Charlotte, N.C.

  • Steve MacMillan ’85
  • Boston, Mass.

  • Katie Belk Morris
  • Southern Pines, N.C.

  • Jean Boehmler Reynolds ’98
  • Haverford, Pa.

  • Pat Rodgers
  • Charlotte, N.C.

  • Andy Schwab ’93
  • San Francisco, Calif.

  • Mitzi Short ’83
  • Oak Park, Ill.

  • David Sprinkle ’66
  • Greensboro, N.C.

  • Bobby Vagt ’69
  • Castine, Maine